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The Effects of Climate Change in Chongwe District, Extension C of Kanakantapa

At least 500 female garden farmers of Kanakantapa in Chongwe are being hit hardest by the effects of Climate Change.


ActionAid Zambia Country Strategy Paper

The 2018-2022 Strategy is ActionAid Zambia’s renewed commitment to continue with the fight against inequality and
 injustice that has continued to perpetuate poverty. The gap between the poor and the

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Time to Clean Up: How Barclays promotes the use of tax havens in Africa

Barclays bank is now reported to be the largest retail bank in Africa and is the largest UK bank operating on the continent. This puts it in a position of responsibility with regard to the way it


In whose interest? Aid and the private sector

This report shines a light on aid to the private sector, an area receiving much current attention as donors flock to the sector to solve their diverse problems. There are important questions to ask

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Policy brief on double taxation agreements

Countries’ signing double taxation treaties (DTTs) is not new practice: the first double tax treaty on record was signed between Austria-Hungary and Prussia in 1899. Many countries, especially OECD

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Covid-19 Youth-Led Response Fund TOR

The COVID-19 Youth-led Response Fund is established in order to provide fast and flexible financial support to young people on the frontlines of COVID-19 response.

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Public Procurement Policy Brief

Due to high tendencies of corruption in public procurement, there have been calls for both legal and policy reforms, specifically to review and amend the current Public Procurement Act to curtail

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Resilient Livelihood and Climate Justice

Success stories under ActionAid Zambia's priority 'Resilient Livelihood and Climate Justice'