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ActionAid Zambia Country Strategy Paper


The 2018-2022 Strategy is ActionAid Zambia’s renewed commitment to continue with the fight against inequality and
injustice that has continued to perpetuate poverty. The statistics show that over 40% of Zambians are living in abject poverty with the rural population accounting for almost 80%. This is despite the country having abundant natural resources and a youthful and energetic population. The statistics further show that extreme poverty affects about 60% of women and their households.

The gap between the poor and the rich continues to widen. The economic inequalities will persist and continue to grow for as long as the injustices which underpin them remain unchallenged. Zambia’s Gini coefficient now stands at 0.69 up from 0.60 in 2010; much higher than the African average of approximately 0.43. 

Our resolve in this Strategy is to boldly address the underlying causes of inequality. AAZ intends to challenge power imbalances and structural causes of poverty which continue to place a barrier towards socioeconomic empowerment especially for women and young people. This strategy is therefore a framework to demonstrate our response to these challenges. It aims to strengthen the voice and capacity of women and young people to claim their rights towards a just society. The strategy provides a framework to guide our work and a basis to monitor our effectiveness in achieving our goals and objectives, thereby leading us towards building a Zambia where equality and social justice prevail to guarantee life of dignity for all.