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Covid-19 Youth-Led Response Fund TOR


The COVID-19 Youth-led Response Fund is established in order to provide fast and flexible financial support to young people on the frontlines of COVID-19 response. The fund will support the work of the overall goal of promoting, advancing and protecting people’s human rights and fight inequalities perpetuated by this pandemic.

The Corona virus (COVID-19) like any other pandemic, has a direct impact on the most vulnerable and their rights, and like in many other crises we are already seeing an exacerbation of existing injustices and inequalities. Women and especially young people are likely to be hardest hit by social and economic disruptions as a result of state-sanctioned precautionary measures.

The COVID-19 Youth-led Response Fund will provide immediate grants within a short period of time (24 hours -1 week) to support Young people at the frontlines of COVID-19 response. We will be supporting interventions that may not be part of planned programme activities, are not covered by long term funding and where rapid intervention will have an impact.

Download the document for the full COVID-19 Youth-led Response Terms of Reference.