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Rural women climate change training in Chongwe

Women and Girls

Women's Rights

We focus on addressing structural barriers that prevent or limit women and girls’ exercise of their economic rights as well as to challenge social norms that continue to undermine their role and stifle their potential to thrive.

In line with SDGs 5 & 8, AAZ we engage with policy makers to push for sound policies and strategies that recognise and value unpaid care work to achieve women and girls’ full and equal access to paid economic activities and other sustainable livelihoods. We also engage in advocacy to hold the state accountable in fulfilling its role of providing free, accessible and gender responsive public services.

We support women and girls in addressing deeply-rooted gender norms and discriminatory practices against them and other marginalised and excluded. Ensuring economic and social justice is seen as a prerequisite to addressing all forms of violence against women and girls as they negatively impact all other rights, including access to economic justice.