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Transforming Education Financing Toolkit

Education Financing Toolkit


This is an updated, adapted and abridged version of a 2016 publication produced by Global Campaign for
Education (GCE), ActionAid International (AAI) and Education International (EI) - “Financing matters: A Toolkit on
Domestic Financing for Education”.1 That toolkit aimed to support civil society to advocate and campaign for
sufficient financing to enact the fourth Sustainable Development Goal and to secure the right to education.2
This updated version has been adapted, at the midpoint of the SDGs, against a backdrop of a world that has
significantly changed since the first edition. It also sets out a bolder vision for financing education, influenced by
recent agreements at the UN Transforming Education Summit (Box 3), rooted in ensuring financing can support
the delivery of the right to education (Box 1), and applying
a stronger decolonising financing lens (Box 2) onto the
redrafting of the toolkit.